President of IASP BRICS-Alliance,
RF Expert in Economic and Social Council of UN,
President of the IPCO of Assistance
to Persons with Disabilities "Sail of Hope"

Vice-President of IASP BRICS-Alliance,
San-Marino ambassador-at-large

Alexander M. ASMANOV
Editor-in-Chief of the Project,
member of international
creative unions

Sankt Petersburg, Sovetskaya str., 9, apt. 12
Phone: +7 965 011 17 37
  • Karen G. FIRYAN

    Rostov-on-Don, Pushkinskaya str., 4а, apt. 20
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    27, rue Saint Jacque, 75005, Paris
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  • BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE – media support service for events and projects held in the format of international business and cultural cooperation between the BRICS countries. The main task of the service is to inform readers in the Alliance countries about the business and cultural environment in the countries of their foreign partners in a broad and unbiased manner.

    The authors of online and offline publications produced by BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE are government and public figures, entrepreneurs, scientists, representatives of culture, sports, the expert community, as well as heads of organizations and companies of the highest level.

    In addition to the Internet, BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE publications are distributed at BRICS and BRICS-Alliance events held according to the official schedule, with the participation of top officials of states, ministers, regional leaders, industry leaders and heads of leading companies of the Alliance countries. As well BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE publications accompany the Russian group at United Nations forums and plenary meetings.

    BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE provides for leading and socially responsible businessmen of the Alliance countries, as well as initiators of socially significant projects in various fields, an opportunity to express themselves, find partners and like-minded people, investors and clients.

    Each new issue of BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE publications is dedicated to a specific topic that is currently the most relevant and in demand. A number of issues throughout the year are prepared specifically for the top important meetings of the BRICS leadership. At the end of the year, BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE publishes an information digest that focuses the readers on the materials that most interest them.

    «BRICS-Alliance Media Service» Ltd.
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    General Director:
    Elena A. ASMANOVA

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    The opinion of the editorial board does not always coincide with the opinion of the author of the published material.

    In its activities, BRICS-Alliance Media Service LLC relies on the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (as amended). Federal laws of 19.07.2995 N 110-F3, of 20.07.2004 N 72-F3) in particular:

    Article 2. Legislation of the Russian Federation on copyright and related rights.
    The legislation of the Russian Federation on copyright and related rights consists of this Law, which is part of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and is valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, other acts of the legislation of the Russian Federation issued in accordance with this Law, the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Legal Protection of Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases", as well as legislative acts of the republics within the Russian Federation adopted on the basis of this Law.
    Article 3. International treaties.
    If an international treaty to which the Russian Federation is a party establishes rules other than those contained in this Law, the rules of the international treaty shall apply.
    Article 48. Violation of copyright and related rights. Counterfeit copies of the work and phonograms.
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    4.Copies of works and phonograms protected in the Russian Federation in accordance with this Law, imported without the consent of the holders of copyright and related rights to the Russian Federation from a State in which these works and phonograms have never been protected or have ceased to be protected, are also counterfeit.

    In all cases of quoting or reprinting materials from the website or from printed publications of BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE, a link to the source is MANDATORY.

    In its activities, BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE is guided by the Law of the Russian Federation of 27.12.1991 N 2124-1 (ed. of 30.12.2020) "On Mass Media" (with amendments and additions, intro. effective from 01.01.2021), in particular:

    Article 47. Rights of a journalist
    A journalist has the right to:
    1. search, request, receive, and distribute information;
    2. visit state offices and organizations, enterprises and institutions, bodies of public associations or their press services;
    3. be accepted by officials in connection with the request for information;
    4. obtain access to documents and materials, with the exception of their fragments containing information that constitutes a state, commercial or other secret specially protected by law;
    5. copy, publish, disclose or otherwise reproduce documents and materials, provided that the requirements of the first part of Article 42 of this Law are met;
    6. make recordings, including with the use of audio and video equipment, film and photography, with the exception of cases provided for by law;
    7. visit specially protected places of natural disasters, accidents and catastrophes, mass riots and mass gatherings of citizens, as well as areas where a state of emergency has been declared; attend rallies and demonstrations;
    8. check the accuracy of the information provided to him;
    9. express their personal opinions and assessments in messages and materials intended for distribution under their signature;
    10. refuse to prepare a message or material that contradicts his beliefs under his signature;
    11. withdraw his signature under the message or material, the content of which, in his opinion, was distorted in the course of editorial preparation, or prohibit or otherwise stipulate the conditions and nature of the use of this message or material in accordance with part one of Article 42 of this Law;
    12. distribute the messages and materials prepared by him under his own signature, under a pseudonym or without a signature.
      A journalist also enjoys other rights granted to him by the legislation of the Russian Federation on mass media.