The edition history and significance of publications
As a media support for events
with the participation of the Russian delegation
at "side events" at the United Nations, the publication has been published since 2013.

The materials of the UN sessions published in our publication
are included in the United Nations Library,
indexed and cited at the international level.

As a media support for events with the participation
of the BRICS International Alliance of Strategic Projects
The BRICS-ALLIANCE MEDIA SERVICE edition has been published since 2017.

Since then, the author's group and the readership have included
the administrations and public services of the five BRICS countries
and countries interested in cooperation, representatives of the diplomatic corps
of the BRICS countries and partner states, top managers of leading Russian
and foreign companies, the leadership of relevant ministries and departments of the BRICS countries, representatives of the scientific community of the BRICS countries,
public organizations, as well as cultural and sports figures.

Until 2021, the edition was published in the format of special issues dedicated to the most pressing issues of BRICS development. Since 2021, the edition has been published quarterly.


Texts intended for publication in the BRICS-Alliance Media Service are processed
by a professional editor and checked by a proofreader. In some cases, the editorial board provides
the authors with the services of copywriters-professional journalists who will help them write the text
of the required volume and style. The source text is translated into the second language of the publication, undergoes language editing and proofreading.

The photo and illustrative material provided by the author is checked by the technologist for the possibility of its use for high-quality printing, and, if necessary, is processed and corrected.
Types of publications
  • ARTICLE - material that highlights an actual problem and / or contains information about the experience
    of solving important issues in the state, social, scientific, technological, cultural or other spheres.
    The authors of the published articles are recognized experts in their fields with international authority.

  • INTERVIEW - ответы на актуальные вопросы, затрагивающие важные сферы жизни отдельных государств БРИКС или содружества в целом.

  • ADVERTISING ARTICLE - material that gives a complete picture of the products or services offered, innovative developments or projects. The task of an advertising article is not only to familiarize the reader with information on the topic, but also to orient him to the correct criteria for selecting similar products, services, projects or innovations.

  • ADVERTISING MODULE - a publication with a separate design that draws additional attention to the topic that is being advertised.

  • NEWS ITEM - a material that reports on an important event that took place on the territory of the BRICS countries or friendly states.
  • Publication formats
  • Page – a publication that takes up a full printed page (in some cases more). Volume - up to 3,500 characters with spaces. The volume is set by the need for translation into English (usually 4/5 of the volume of the Russian text). If there are illustrations (photos or graphics), the text volume decreases accordingly.

  • Half a page - a publication that takes up half the volume of the printed page – including its translation. It can be placed vertically or horizontally on the page. The volume of the Russian text is up to 2,500 characters with spaces.

  • Inset (box) – a publication that takes up to 1/3 of the size of a printed page. The volume of the Russian text is up to 1,000 characters with spaces.

  • Column or basement – a publication that occupies the bottom or side of a printed page. The volume of the Russian text is up to 800 characters with spaces.

    THE COST OF PAID PUBLICATIONS – subject for discussion. The final cost is determined based on the degree of readiness of the material, the need to perform additional work on copywriting, editing, translation and design.