DEAR CUSTOMERS! Advertising in the BRICS-Alliance Media Service publications gives you the opportunity to present your company, product, service or project to an audience of 5 countries, whose population is about 50% of the population of our planet.

When publishing on the pages of the publication "BRICS-Alliance Media Service", you can use one of the possible options:
  • publish an advertising module with the necessary contact information, directing the reader to their own Internet resource;
  • publish an article in which your company will act as an expert on the issues that you want to arouse interest in;
  • publish a detailed open offer for international cooperation (active search for partners and / or investors).

    In the case of a privileged contract, the advertiser's representative may participate as an official guest in the BRICS and BRICS-Alliance events (according to the protocol and the official schedule of such events), as well as in the thematic forums of the United Nations.
    The advertising module remains on the BRICS-Alliance Media Service website for a period that suits the advertiser.
  • The consortium consisting of LLC "Ecosystem", FITZ RAS SPb and SK StroyProgress announces the technology of reclamation of areas contaminated with hazardous waste.

    The development that gave excellent results at the Krasny Bor site near St. Petersburg can be replicated and applied anywhere in the world to achieve equally impressive results.

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    JSV "Concern GRANIT" offers its partners and customers an innovative means of individual and collective anti-virus protection VOLAVELA.
    Exclusive development creates 24-hour protection of any surface not only from CORONAVIRUS, but also from most known viruses, such as heratitis, HIV, polio and others.

    The effectiveness of the development and its compliance with the claimed parameters are confirmed by the certificate of the National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei.
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    SACM's VIP Campus constantly hosts corporate teams from around the world for three-week internships and for writing projects, processing research results, and preparing final dissertations.
    All project and research work is carried out under the supervision of tutors and in the personal presence of the curator.
    The VIP-Campus of SACM opens its doors to students of DBA / EDBA programs, representatives of the academy's corporate partners, for individual or group work of doctoral students on academic research and innovative projects.The Academy creates a maximum comfort zone around doctoral students.

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    We have combined long-standing academic traditions and modern educational technologies.

    For 30 years, we have been training professionals with a set of practical knowledge and skills both for starting and developing their own business, and for working in managerial positions in large companies.

    Our goal is to make quality education accessible to everyone.

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    A car for teaching students the basics of driving and maintenance. A fully functional machine, suitable for use in resort regions, in dachas, on school training grounds.

    According to order each car is made with individual characteristics.

    For schools, it is supplied as a set of components that provide self-assembly of the car by students under the supervision of an instructor.

    Samurai provides tools and methods for their implementation that will effectively protect confidential information within existing business processes, taking into account the specifics, goals and objectives of the organization.

    The product consists of separate modules - choose only the functions that your business needs. The purchase will fit into your operating budget.

    The project is attended by: from India – the Indian National Youth Orchestra, from Russia-the first symphony Youth Orchestra of the International BRICS Alliance.

    The aim of the project is the orchestra's constant performances at the most important events of the BRICS countries.